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How to make money shirt?

How to make money shirt?

In origami there is a whole new trend - folding the figures of banknotes. It's even got its name "MANIGAULT".

Masters fold a variety of figures, but the most popular is the money shirt, which can be a wonderful mascot and original gift.

Currency short-sleeved shirt

To fold a shirt, take the new billany value. Put it on a flat surface vertically and mentally divide into 3 parts horizontally. Fold the bottom part of the top and carefully iron the crook of the fingers.

If you are not confident in their abilities, so as not to spoil the bill, first work out the money to put a shirt on a simple sheet of paper.

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The bill turn to curved sideShe is lying on the surface. Fold it in half vertically, iron the fold with your fingers and straighten it, so be designated middle notes. Fold both sides of the half to this line.

Make a shirt cuffs. For this purpose, on each side of the lower edge bend angle. The bill turn. Back down from the top of the bill of about 5-7 mm and bend strip down. Fold progladte fingers.

Now make collar shirt. To do this, turn the bill to the lower curved edges are toward you. Then the upper edges bend at an angle to the middle.

The lower edge of the bill bend upward and slide under the small angles that mimic the shirt collar. Fold the paper carefully iron it.

Monetary shirt and tie

Work can be more difficult to make money, and a shirt with a tie. To fold the bank note in half vertically. Then bend to the center line of each half in half again. Denominations expand.

Very impressive looks monetary shirt and tie, if you fold it out of the dollar.

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Fold the top corner to the middle, as infolding airplane. Fold the resulting triangle. Form tie. To do this, define the width and bend a little in the middle on both sides of the triangle.

Fold the bill by the vertical lines in the middle, and rewound the edge of the fold tie. From the opposite end of flex strip width of approximately 5 mm.

Turn the bill. Fold the bill by about a third horizontal. On the opposite side, fold the corners to the middle, forming a collar shirt.

Denominations straighten the horizontal lines andput the tie to him. On both sides of the resulting horizontal line hand bend at an angle of 45 degrees. In the middle of a kind of indentation should get.

Similarly, bend the two sides under theangle with the opposite side of the banknote. Fold design in a horizontal curl from the collar. Align the edges, carefully iron it all folds.

Turn the blank on the tie itself and fold it in half. Then turn the shirt cash face to himself and correct the corners of the collar.

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