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How to make money on the small things in your pocket


How to make money on the small things in your pocket</a>

Many articles have been written about the sale of rare modern coins, but they do not have one interesting point - the source of earnings may be the most common coins with a marriage.

Up to 1000 rubles for a trifle from a pocket - really.



Ironically, a coin with a factory marriage is alwaysCosts more than the same, but ideal. The reason lies in the fact that strict quality control is carried out at the mints, and with millions of copies of the marriage, only a small fraction of a percent comes out. And in numismatics, as in everything, what is rare is highly valued. To sell all these rarities at an adequate price, you should register for an electronic auction.


The most common marriage is a lack of design. The coin looks as if some details of the pattern have been erased. Such coins are often found and are inexpensive.


A little less often there is a turn of a stamp. Usually, the "horizontality" of the drawing on both sides of the coin is the same, for example, on a 1 ruble coin, figure 1 and the axis of symmetry of the eagle on the opposite side are parallel. If the ruble is vertical, and the eagle on the opposite side lies on its side, then this is the turn of the stamp. The cost of such a marriage depends on the degree of reversal.


Enough rare marriage - split stamp. After a while, the stamp knocking out the pattern on the workpieces begins to break down and a crack goes. In the coin metal, this crack leaves a trail that looks as if a hair has stuck to the coin, only it is made of metal.


Even less common is a double blow - after mintingCoins she once again fell under the impact of a stamp. Usually there are coins, where one image per millimeter deviates from the second, as it gives a double contour. Much less often there are coins, where the die's pattern at the second impact did not coincide with the already applied or where the second blow found the coin not completely and the intersection of the figures formed a crescent.


The rarest marriage is an improper billet. For example, 5 kopeks of golden color, which were printed on a blank for 10 cents.

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