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How to make money on the little things in your pocket

How to make money on the little things in your pocket

Written many articles on modern selling rare coins, but they do not have one interesting moment - source of income may be the most common coins with marriage.

Up to 1,000 rubles a trifle out of pocket - is real.



Oddly enough, the coin with factory marriage alwaysIt is worth more than the same, but perfect. The reason lies in the fact that at the mints being rigid quality control, and only a small fraction of a percent yield at a million copies of marriage. In numismatics, as in all, highly prized that is rare. To sell these rarities at the right price, you should register on the electronic auction.


The most common marriage - neprochekanka drawing. Coin looks as if some of the details of the pattern erase. These coins are fairly common and are inexpensive.


Slightly less common reversal stamp. Typically, "horizontal" pattern on both sides of the coin is the same, such as coin 1 Ruble figure 1 the axis of symmetry and on the opposite side Eagle parallel. If the ruble is vertical, and an eagle on the opposite side lies on its side, then turn it stamps. The cost of such a marriage depends on the degree of reversal.


Suffice rare marriage - split stamp. After a time stamp, emboss pattern on workpieces, begins to break down and there is a crack. The metal coins crack this leaves a mark that looks as if a coin stuck close call, but he of metal.


Even rarer double whammy - the mintcoins she once again came under attack stamps. Coins are usually found where one image at a fraction of a millimeter back from the second, as it gives a double loop. Much rarer the coin, where the stamp image on the second impact is not coincided with the parties already applied or where a second blow caught the coin is not fully formed and crossing patterns crescent.


Rarest marriage - improper harvesting. For example 5 cents a golden color, which have been printed on the blank for 10 cents.

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