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How to Make a vegetable garden

How to Make a vegetable garden

You've decided that it's time to do business and get new money from your country site?

Correct solution. There are a considerable number of ways to turn an ordinary suburban area or garden into a permanent center for the extraction of profit.

All you need to implement most of these methods - an initiative.

So choose the most suitable for you and go for it!



Naladte production of vegetables and fruits. Most efficiently dispose of your space, limiting the number of passes and empty plots. Make each of your land measures work for you. As soon as the foundation of your business will be ready to try to establish a connection with the high-income people in your area. Everyone knows how quickly and cheaply grow food from the store, and if you are going to sell for an even lower price, you will hardly be able to build this business. However, people with a good income to pay for really fresh and natural product. The main thing you need - is to establish a relationship with these people. Find such as easy on the "external" differences.

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Distribute flyers or business cards in places where this audience, or one of your own way to contact them. The main thing for you - interested in their product.


Open your own small shop. If your prices are still not so high, you can simply open to trade your products. A high quality will ensure that the buyer, who came once again come to you.

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If you do not want to engage in vegetable garden personally,Turn it out and get the money simply for the use of your land. Prescribe in the contract that you will not do with the land (eg, water the various poison or construct buildings and other buildings) to be sure that when you want her to do anything, or when your tenant leaves, the land was left in its original state.

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