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How to make a dog like a mistress


How to make a dog like a mistress</a>

A dog is a committed friend. This animal is capable of a deep understanding with the owner, it will wait for you from work, tirelessly bring the ball, lie on your lap and trustfully substitute your stomach for you to stroke it.

But it can also happen that the dog will not feel any warm feelings for his mistress.

The breadwinner of the family

The dog living in the apartment has basicNeeds that she can not meet without the help of the host. The animal must be fed and taken daily. Take on this honorable duty to put food in a bowl and put it in front of the pet. In such a simple way you can find a way not only to the heart of a man, but also to your dog, the latter being much less demanding for the taste of the prepared dish.
Walking a dog, do not spend all time forTalking on the phone or listening to music. Pay attention to the animal: run with it, leave his wand. Do not go constantly along the same route, choose new places for walks, sometimes allow your pet to play with other dogs. Your dog should be interested in walking with you.

Personal space

The dog has his own personal space and his ownThings: bowls, a couch, a favorite toy. Try to respect her rights. Certainly, it is not right if the landlady can not approach the plaid of the dog, since it protects him from any encroachment, but do not disturb the animal in vain when it eats or rests in its place. When manipulating "dog" items, give your pet to make sure that you did not misappropriate them, but only washed it and put it back in its place.
Be petting the dog when you want it, too,And her. It is difficult to resist and once again do not hug a cute fluffy, do not pat his drooping ear and do not tickle his heel. But animals do not like to be obsessed with trying to touch and try to avoid such situations - they hide and run away. Before stroking the dog, call him by name so that touch does not become a surprise for him. If the animal ducks, do not insist, and try again later.


A companion dog will be happy to accompanyHis favorite mistress, watching what she does. If you want the dog to show you feelings like this, encourage him to do so. Begin yourself to sit close to the dog, doing your own thing. In this case, it is desirable to choose an occupation that can be of interest to the dog. Play a computer game on the phone - the dog is likely to be interested in unfamiliar sounds. Bring closer knitting to the dog - many animals like to observe unusual movements of hands and twitching of the tangle. Periodically distracted by your pet, talk to him. Soon the dog will understand that with you it can be interesting not only on the street, and will follow you around the apartment, packing on your slippers, while you are dyeing or peeling potatoes.

Question of trust

With your mistress should not only beinteresting. It should inspire confidence in the dog. Failures and screaming cause the animal to fear the person, however it is difficult during a joint life never to shout at the dog. Explain to the pet the rules of behavior in your home, and then the process of education will not damage your relationship.

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