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How to make sure that the dog loved mistress

How to make so that the dog loved mistress

Dog -predanny friend. This animal is capable of deep mutual understanding with the host, it will wait for you to work tirelessly to bring a ball, lie on your lap and confidently expose the stomach, so you pet him.

But it may also happen that the dog will not feel any warm feelings to his hostess.


The dog, who lives in the apartment, there is a basicneeds that it can not meet without host assistance. Animals need to be fed and to walk every day. Take this honorable duty to impose food in a bowl and put it in front of a pet. So a simple way you can find a way not only to a man's heart, but also to your dog, the latter will be much less demanding to the taste of cooked dishes.
, Do not spend all the time for the dog vygulivayatalk on the phone or listening to music. Pay attention to the animal: run around with him leaving his wand. Do not go constantly on the same route, choose a new place for walks, sometimes let your pet play with other dogs. Your dog should be fun hanging out with you.

Personal space

The dog has their own space and their ownitems: bowls, bench, favorite toy. Try to respect her rights. Of course, not correct, if the hostess can not come to the plaid dog, as it protects it from any attack, but do not bother wasting the animal when it is eating or resting in his place. When you operate the "dog" items allow your pet to make sure that you have not assigned their own, but only washed and returned to the place.
Iron the dog when it wants to and youand s. It is difficult to resist, and once again not to hug cute Fluffy, do not pull the dangling ear and tickle your heel. But animals do not like to be compulsively trying to touch and try to avoid such situations - hide and run away. Before you pat a dog, call him by name, to touch did not surprise him. If the animal turns aside, it is better not to insist and try again later.

The owner of a companion

Companion dog will gladly accompanyhis favorite mistress, watching what she was doing. If you want the dog showed to you feeling this way, encourage him to do so. Start yourself to sit far away from the dog, doing their own thing. It is desirable to choose an occupation that might interest the dog. Play a computer game on the phone - the dog is likely to be interested in the unfamiliar sounds. Bring the dog closer to knitting - like many animals to watch for unusual hand movements and twitching of the coil. Periodically distracted by your pet, talk to him. Soon the dog will understand that you may be interested not only in the streets, and will walk up to you in the apartment, lying on your slippers while you paint or clean the potatoes.

A matter of trust

With his beloved mistress must not only beinteresting. It should inspire confidence in the dog. Beatings and screams make the animal fear man, but it is difficult for a joint life never shout at the dog. Explain the rules of conduct pet in your home, and then the process of education will not damage your relationship.

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