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How to make soap from remnants

How to make soap from remnants

The easiest liquid soap made from remnants left. This will require the remnants and hot water.

In this soap can be added to various oils.

To avoid damage to its structure, it is better not to add the solid components therein.

You will need

  • - obmylki-
  • - hot water-
  • - Bottle of soap under the old or the heat-resistant bowl.



On a fine grater grate the remaining remnants and put them in a bottle from under the old soap. Remnants must take two-thirds of the bottle itself.


Fill the bottle with grated remnants of hot water, close the lid and shake well. Leave the mixture to dissolve in hot water, occasionally shaking the bottle.


Depending on the structure and the various soapsadded oils in the bottle occurs saturated soap mixture. Soap formation as a mixture may take 10-12 hours and several days. That's when the usual liquid soap is ready for use.

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