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How to Make Lip Balms at Home


How to Make Lip Balms at Home</a>

Lips need constant care and hydration regardless of the season.

For these purposes, lip balms are perfectly suitable, which can be easily done at home.

They are designed to protect the lips from external negative factors (frost, wind, sun), as well as for treatment and nutrition.



Moisturizing balsam with almond oil
- beeswax (1 tsp lodka) -
- almond oil (5 teaspoons) -
- honey (1 tsp lodka) -
- essential oil of orange (8 drops).
For preparation of balm it is necessaryInitially, melt the wax in a water bath. Then add almond and orange oil, as well as honey. Thoroughly mix all ingredients and pour into a container.


Chocolate lip balm
- beeswax (2 ts.lozhki) -
- cocoa butter (1.5 tsp) -
- avocado oil (3 tsp) -
- Cinnamon oil (6 drops).
The cocoa butter that is part of the oil nourishes and moisturizesSkin and also has a pleasant chocolate flavor. The balm is made extremely simply - in the melted wax essential oils are entered, then all ingredients are mixed and placed in a small jar (it is undesirable to use metal containers).


Vitaminized Lip Balm
- beeswax (2 ts.lozhki) -
- almond and olive oil (2 tsp) -
- honey (1 tsp lodka) -
- Aevit capsules (8 pcs.).
Honey softens the skin of the lips, and vitamins increaseElasticity and elasticity of the skin, relieve desquamation. To prepare the balm, you must first melt the wax, then add vitamins and oils to it, at the very end add honey. Pour the mixture into a container and place it in a cold place.

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