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How to make lighting wheels

How to make lighting wheels

Luminous Engine, which is the main direction of the wheels lights, a great way to decorate your car, making it more vivid and memorable.

In addition, it can produce their own hands, without resorting to the help of experts, taking advantage of this conventional LED tape.

You will need

  • - LED Strip Light-
  • - Plastic homuty-
  • - drel-
  • - sverlo-
  • - Assembly tape-
  • - Slim bus rental.



Make wheels highlighting two ways. The first of them is to mount LED strip to the front axle, on which the protective cover for the brake disk. It is to the edge and will need to fix the tape. To do this around the perimeter of the housing at a distance of 5 cm from each other, drill a hole the diameter of which should ensure the permeability of plastic collars. Now with the help of plastic clamps secure the tape threading them into the drilled holes.


If you plan to use the tapeadhesive basis, then no need to drill holes will be sufficiently degrease guard. After that, the purified place sticks LED tape without using additional fasteners.


If the car is not a protective mudDisc brake cover, one can use the second LED strip fastening means which is additional device structures. This can be a frame, simulating the missing casing. To do this, you can use light metal elements, such as thin tire rental or mounting tape.


First, install the rays coming from the center of the wheel. It is to them in the future will need to be attached to the rim of the backlight unit. For the convenience of the drive and remove the brake caliper. In order to ensure the gap between the disk and the outer rim when calculating beam length not forget to measure the brake disc.


Make the montage outer rim. It will serve as a holding structure for LED ribbon clamps which must be fastened in the same way as in the first embodiment. But before that, do not forget to install the brake disc spacer, which would act because of the rim. This method of backlighting the wheel assembly is characterized in that the lighting will go from the center, and not because of the spokes.

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