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How to make a knight costume for boys

How to make a knight costume for boys

Children's holiday matinee and school performance - perfect excuse to dress her son in the costume of the medieval knight.

The costumes made with their own hands, the boy definitely feel invincible warrior, able to protect the kingdom from the insidious invaders and huge dragons.

You will need

  • - the cloth-
  • - cardboard
  • - fanera-
  • - Klein
  • - nitki-
  • - kraski-
  • - sewing machine.



Take for creating patterns suit jumper,which is the size of the child fully fit at the moment. Apply the product to double-folded cutting velvet. To the fabric and sweater on it did not slide, however it together dressmaker pins. Gently circle chalk Raglan (sleeveless), leaving a 2 cm allowance for Cut tunic, which in expanded form should be a rectangle with a cutout in the middle -. Neck dress.


The lower sections of tunic cut in the form of largecloves. If the fabric is falling apart in places cuts, neaten them in a zigzag manner. To make a knight costume tighter hem to the wrong side of the lining of his tunic, cut on the same pattern.


For costume jewelry, cut a cross and satinsew it on the center front of the tunic. The sides can be decorated with lace tunic, which also will serve as a belt. On the reverse side of sidewalls need to sew the garter, thanks to which the floors will not scatter.


To make an image of the knight completed,must be supplemented by armor suit. To make a shield, take the old tray or cut from a sheet of plywood or cardboard circle. If the board is easily deformed, glue together several sheets.


Ground shield metallic wrap paperor foil. Then cut out of colored paper emblem of the details (the symbolism of the emblem can be very diverse). Glue them in the center of a shield. To the baby was comfortable to hold it in your hand, on the back side attach the elastic band or strap. Also from the foil-wrapped cardboard shields can be made for hands and legs.


Kolchuga make more complicated. It can tie a big hook or big needles yarn silvery gray. It folded several times the threads, you can add polypropylene twine from the hardware store. The most appropriate methods are binding columns with nakida or hosiery knitting.


Helmet can search among old toys and slightlyupdate it, and can be done in a knitted cap slot for the eyes. The visor made of cardboard is best to decorate the Gothic figure, fix it on the basis of the mask.


old rod suitable for the manufacture of combat guns, plates, handles, etc. However, remember that they must be blunt, light, and therefore safe for rebyatni.

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