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How to make a knight costume for a boy


How to make a knight costume for a boy</a>

A children's party, a morning performance and a school play are a suitable occasion to put your son in the costume of a medieval knight.

In a suit made by himself, the boy will necessarily feel invincible warrior, able to protect the kingdom from insidious conquerors and huge dragons.

You will need

  • - the cloth-
  • - cardboard-
  • - plywood-
  • - glue-
  • - thread-
  • - paint-
  • - sewing machine.



Take to create a pattern suit cardigan,Which in size is completely suitable for the child at present. Attach the product to the half-cut velvet. So that the fabric and jumper on it do not slip, shave them together with tailor's pins. Carefully circle the Raglan (without sleeves) with chalk, leaving a 2 cm allowance. Cut out the tunic, which in its unfolded form should be a rectangle with a neckline in the middle - the neck of the suit.


Cut the bottom sections of the tunic in the form of largeDenticles. If the fabric is scattered in the cuts, sweep them with a zigzag seam. To make the knight's suit denser, sew a lining cut out on a similar pattern to the wrong side of the tunic.


To decorate a costume, cut out a cross from satin andSew it in the center of the front of the tunic. The sides of the tunic can be decorated with braid, which will also serve as a belt. From the underside of the sides you need to sew garters, thanks to which the floors can not fly apart.


To make the image of the knight complete,It is necessary to supplement the suit with armor. To make a shield, take an old tray or cut from a sheet of plywood or a thick cardboard circle. If the cardboard is easily deformed, glue together several sheets.


Wrap the base of the shield with metallized paperOr foil. Then cut out the details of the coat of arms from the colored paper (the emblem's symbolism can be very diverse). Glue them to the center of the shield. To the child was comfortable to hold it in his hand, from the back side attach to it an elastic band or a strap. Also, from the foil-wrapped cardboard it is possible to make shields for hands and shins.


It is somewhat harder to make chain mail. It can be tied with a large crochet or large spokes made of silvery gray yarn. To stacked a few times the threads can add polypropylene twine from the hardware store. The most suitable methods of knitting are columns with a crochet or hosiery.


The helmet can be searched among old toys and slightlyUpdate it, and you can do a cut in the knitting cap for the eyes. The visor from the cardboard is best decorated with a gothic pattern, fix it according to the mask principle.


For the manufacture of combat weapons, old rods, planks, cuttings, etc., will fit. However, remember that they must be blunt, light, and therefore safe for children.

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