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How to make jewelry from polymer clay?

How to make jewelry from polymer clay?

Polymer Clay - a very convenient material for the manufacture of jewelry by hand. This lends itself well to the mass of plastic molding.

She is originally different colors and can be easily painted in the finished product.

Depending on the type of workpiece material are baked in an oven or harden in air.

Beads made of polymer clay with their hands

To do this, you need to make jewelry beads,which in appearance reminiscent of colored stones. Collect several pieces Cured polymer clay, which will be combined in a single bead. Two of them in the hands of mash, the clay was more plastic.

On glass or on a normal white sheet rollmashed rolling pin two pieces, turning them into roughly equal-sized rectangles. Place two layers on top of each other. With a sharp knife cut off from the rest of pieces of colored chips and place it evenly on top of layers.

Rolling pin roll on the layers. Do not open the arms of the reservoir small uneven pieces and form balls of them. Then roll each into a smooth bead. If desired, you can not roll the beads and leave rude decorated pieces of plastic.

Bake in the oven resulting beads. Temperature is set according to the instructions on the label of polymer clay. The holes in the beads can be carried out before roasting with an awl, and can be ready to drill a small drill.

Collect the resulting colored beads in a singleproduct. Stringing them one on waxed cord suitable color and tie knots on both sides of the beads so that they are fixed in one place. Connect the cord ends in a beautiful site. Necklace ready.

Beads can be strung on a thin satin ribbon.

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Earrings made of polymer clay

Original earrings resembling bunchesmountain ash, can be made of polymer clay. Mash in the hands of a slice of orange clay and roll out of it about forty small balls. The tip of the knife make cuts in the middle of each ball so that was like a rowan berries.

On the other hand, insert the ball furniturnycarnations. His hat is to be immersed in the clay, and the sharp tip of the stick out. Toothpick to completely level the clay around the cap. Repeat this procedure for each orange ball.

Mash a piece of green clay and roll itin a thin layer. Cookie cutters or a knife to cut a few leaves pattern. Take a knife or sharp end of a toothpick to leaf veins and pierce holes for the rings.

For the production of leaves, you can use a special silicone Molde, which are sold in art shops.

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Slice the red mash of pastels on paper. Toning with a soft brush on the edges of the leaves and veins, as well as all the berries from one side. Bake preform obtained in an oven at a temperature indicated in the instructions.

Taking baked items for earrings, slideClay berries sharp-edged piece of hardware in the foam or crumpled foil. Put a brown liquid acrylic paint in the notches on each berry and leave to dry.

Bite clippers studs so that the remainingtail was about 1 cm. Fold it in Round eyelet. Connect to the fastener chain length of 5-7 cm. Divide the berries in half and attach them to the chains. Clamp pliers eyelets. Attach the metal rings to the leaflets and fix them on top of each cluster.

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