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How to make jeans pocket for cosmetics

How to make a jeans pocket for cosmetics

From old jeans can be made sufficiently large number of various accessories, such as bags and sew to make a bracelet.

It turns out that the benefit can be applied not only to the main part of jeans, but also their pockets.

I suggest you make an original pocket for cosmetics.

You will need

  • - The Jeans pocket
  • - Thick linen cloth-
  • - Thin wooden palochka-
  • - verevka-
  • - Silicone prisoska-
  • - Glue gun.



Carefully cut out of old jeans with flappocket. Then bend the edges of the pattern, priutyuzhte them, then CONNECT glue gun. Glue gun in this case is the most appropriate option, since the sewing machine will not master sew a fabric layer.


From thick linen cloth should be cut largeflap. Then you need to tuck the edges, first side, and then lower and then the upper edge. It needs to bend in the opposite direction, to form a kind of tunnel. After podgibaniem priutyuzhte received lapels. Further, they must be glued together using a glue gun.


The obtained preform to be bonded soto jeans pocket was on top of a linen rag. So get a small border around the jeans pocket. At this stage, the work product can be decorated any toy plane.


In the resulting flaps after gluing the tunnel need to push a wooden stick.


From the rope cut the length of the desired length, thenthen tie it to a wooden stick on both sides of the nodes. Then, in the middle of the rope, secure silicone suction cup-suspension. Denim pocket makeup ready!

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