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How to make interesting pictures

How to make interesting pictures

In our progressive time digital camera in the family it is not a luxury.

you can create a very original and interesting photos, if desired, and a small amount of time.

The emotional background

In order to get a quality picture, heI must send the viewer a particular set of feelings. That is why, it is necessary to think in advance each frame, choose an individual perspective and give special importance to the composition.

To select only be those frames which can be characterized as close as possible the atmosphere of the events that occur shooting.

If it is a wedding, the emphasis should be placed on the movement of facial expressions and honeymooners as well as affectionate glances relatives - such images are sure to help once again relive those wonderful moments.
Birthday child - another opportunitycreate an emotional photo: grief or joy kid when opening a gift, tired but so happy mother's eyes. For these frames you can use the burst mode, which automatically will perform about 60 images per second. Then standing and most interesting photos are selected manually.

shooting Genre

This is a prerequisite of good pictures, asEach genre has its own specific laws and principles. You can take a portrait, landscape, genre or reportage photography - everything will depend on the circumstances and mood.

Particular attention to detail

photographs, is particularly interesting to lookwhich are placed separate accents. And let it be even insignificant in reality parts correctly will present their picture taken in a completely different light.
For example, when a crowd of people attracted attentionany particular person, using depth of field, you can select it from the crowd, while the rest of the images will be blurred. Another option - Mis-focused - it is receiving focus, which will set the focus is not on the main site, and on any other part of the scene, located on the back or the front. Thus, it is possible to capture the kids blow bubbles, and the children themselves in the background will be blurred, and the bubbles will have a clear and distinctive appearance - it looks very original and unusual.

A color scheme

Be sure to combine the pattern with the object itselfPhoto. If the background is too bright and detailed, that person can simply get lost on it. Well, when the background complements the frame, and does not attract undue attention to themselves. An exception may be a landscape shot.

Create interesting photos: the most original place to shoot

Such places are filled with a variety of roundabouts, slides and swings, which can be photographed with the children. Especially original photos will look in motion.
Station or subway
These places are always crowded, so be sure you can find a very unusual object for photography. Yes, and the racing tracks for transport can remarkably effectively look at the picture.
It is not only incredibly beautiful object for shooting, but also a place that will provide spectacular photo.

Fixing the pier, waves, sand, or washing the stones can achieve an interesting effect of fog. For these purposes the shooting at high shutter speeds.

Vehicle interior
With the interior of a moving vehicle all aroundthe world takes on an entirely different look. Therefore, pictures will come out very original: flying through the windows landscapes, city streets, hurrying crowd of people, and so on.

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