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How to make a certificate of illness


How to make a certificate of illness</a>

For any non-appearance, whether you are an employee, a student orA schoolboy, you need to report. If you really did not show up because of illness, your doctor will easily write out a certificate based on your medical report.

But if you had a different reason, but you have no choice but to refer to the disease, in this situation you will have to sweat.

But still get the information really.



Method one. Ask your family doctor if you are on good terms with him. If you have acquaintances in the registry or from the medical staff, you can contact them. Ask your doctor or your friends to issue a certificate for you. Disease. To do this, go to the doctor, ask himMake the necessary entry in the medical record and write out a corresponding certificate on the basis of this. Verify all this with the seals of the polyclinic and the signatures of the doctors. Of course, all this is done not for free. For the first time you can do with a small amount or a present in the form of a chocolate bar. But if you are a regular absentee, then you will be left with a certain amount of money specifically for such cases.


Method two. If you do not have friends in the clinic, and the doctors there are all intractable, then there is nothing else to do but to buy a certificate of Disease through the Internet. In the network there are many sites offering their services. All you need is an internet connection.


Choose the site that you like the most. Pay attention to the quality of the forms. They should be only the original, as well as the printing of polyclinics. Read the reviews to be sure that you will not be deceived.


Fill in the application form on the site and pay the indicated amount. Then, fill in the online help for Disease. Specify there your diagnosis (eg, ARVI), symptoms, duration Disease. Everything else will do for you. Please enter your phone number to be contacted when the help is ready. Usually such a certificate is issued in one day. At the appointed time, meet with the courier at the agreed place for your help or use the delivery option at home.

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