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How to make a certificate of sickness

How to make a certificate of sickness

For any failure to appear, whether you are an employee, student orthe student is required to report. If you really did not show due to illness, your doctor will prescribe you to easily reference on the basis of the medical report.

But if you had another reason, and no choice but to refer to the disease, you do not have, in this situation you have to sweat.

But still help to get real.



Method one. Contact your family doctor if you are with him on good terms. If you have friends in the registry or from medical staff can refer to them. Ask your doctor or your acquaintances to issue you a certificate for disease. To do this, go to the doctor, ask himmake the necessary entry in the medical record and write on the basis of the relevant certificate to you. Assure all the seals and signatures of the clinic doctors. Of course, all this is done not for free. The first time you can get a small amount or a gift in the form of chocolates. But if you're a regular truant, the nth sum of money be reserved specifically for such cases.


Method two. If you do not have friends in the clinic, and doctors there all intractable, there is nothing else to do, how to buy a certificate of disease through the Internet. In the network there are many sites that offer their services. All you need - an internet connection.


Choose the site you like. Pay attention to the quality of the forms. They should represent only the original, as well as print polyclinics. Read the reviews to be sure to make sure that you are not deceived.


Fill in the online application form and pay the said amount. Then fill out the FAQ by virtual disease. Specify where the diagnosis (eg SARS), symptoms, duration disease. Everything else is done for you. Enter your phone number to be contacted when the certificate is ready. Normally such a statement make out one day. At the appointed time meet with the courier in a specified location for your reference, or use the option of home delivery.

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