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How do Indian makeup

How to make Indian makeup

Many stare at Indian beauties in films. This is not surprising, Indian women have unearthly beauty, charm and charisma.

His attractiveness they emphasize bright makeup.

Nothing complicated about it is not and you can try to try on the role of the Indian beauties.



The bright shade of lipstick and outline, with clear lines,conducted strictly on the border of the lips - is the foundation makeup in Indian. Tone Indian makeup set eye and hair color. Perfect make-up will suit this swarthy green-eyed beauty with dark hair. Blondes have to work hard to adapt it to his light skin and eye color.


In the first place, as a brunette, andblondes, to create Indian makeup you need to buy liquid eyeliner and dark shadows. Tonal framework girls with dark skin, you can take the same as usual, but blondes have to start with a tanning or solarium.


The choice of powder guided by the shade of hair. Brunettes have to choose beige tones and blondes - peach. Shadow Shades should be in harmony with the color of his eyes. The green-eyed girl needs a green and beige shade, blue-eyed - pink and purple, and the owners of brown eyes you can use any colors.


Eyeliner should also be gearedon the color type of girl. Brown eyes suit black eyeliner, bright eyes - gray or brown. For evening make-up eyeliner is applied to the entire eye, outlining the full upper and lower eyelids. For daytime make-up in the Indian upper lid is painted in full, and only the lower half. This is complemented by a well-dyed eyelashes.


The finishing touch in India's makeup is lip makeup. The color of lipstick should be bright and juicy. For brunettes - a crimson tone, a little more muted shades for blondes.


Blush should also be bright. Pay attention to the colors of red and maroon. Pastel gentle tone will not work here.

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