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How to make homemade lemonade

How to make homemade lemonade

It is not necessary to buy lemonade in the store.

It can be done at home, and it will be without all kinds of dyes and preservatives.

You will need

  • - Lemons of large size - 3 piece-
  • - Sugar - 3-4 tablespoons lozhki-
  • - Orange - 1 pc.



Lemons and oranges rinse thoroughly. Then take a knife and cut them with fruit peel. Of the remaining pulp squeeze the juice. Mix in one cup of squeezed juice and zest of the cut.


To a mixture of juice and zest, add 3-4 tablespoonsspoons of sugar. Pour the received weight 700 milliliters of boiling water. All you need to mix thoroughly. The dish with the mixture must be the top cover and remove it in a cool place for 12 hours.


When the time for the infusion of juice and zestadd 1 tablespoon of sugar. All mix thoroughly, then strain through a sieve. Sieve is desirable to use large. Lemonade Pour into a jug and refrigerate. Serve it should be pre-diluted with 1/3 carbonated water. Homemade lemonade is ready! It is great to quench thirst in the hot summer weather.

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