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How to make homemade lemonade


How to make homemade lemonade</a>

It is not necessary to buy lemonade in the store.

It can be made at home, and it will be without all sorts of dyes and preservatives.

You will need

  • - large lemons - 3 pieces-
  • - sugar - 3-4 tablespoons-
  • - orange - 1 pc.



Lemons and oranges thoroughly rinse. Then take the knife and cut the peel off the fruit. Squeeze out the remaining pulp juice. Mix in one cup the squeezed juice and the cut peel.


To a mixture of juice and zest, add 3-4 tableSpoons of sugar. Pour the resulting mass with 700 milliliters of boiling water. All must be mixed thoroughly. A cup with a mixture must be covered from above with a lid and put it in a cool place for 12 hours.


After the time to infusion of juice and zestAdd 1 tablespoon of sugar. Mix everything thoroughly, then strain through a sieve. Sieve is desirable to use a large one. Lemonade pour into a jug and cool. Serve it, you must first dilute it with 1/3 soda water. Homemade lemonade is ready! He perfectly quenches his thirst in the hot summer weather.

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