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How to make homemade cat toy

How to make a homemade toy for cats

Each cat toys are needed bywhere she will have fun and develop their skills. Today, pet stores offer a huge variety of cat toys, but not necessarily spend a lot of money on them - in fact, you can make a toy with their hands.

Treats from her cat get as much of the fun of shopping.

Simple homemade toys

simulator for cats with their own hands
Cats love rustling things, so often theycan ignore the windup mouse and run for the usual trash bag. Take a sheet of plain white paper or foil, crumple it into a compact ball and throw your pet. If you want to take a direct part in the games, adhere to the ball and pull the thread for it, involving the animal in an exciting game with you.

An excellent alternative to paper ball can be wooden coil filament, wine stoppers, balls, ping-pong or walnuts.

Very active cats playing with thread - Takethick skein of yarn, securely zapryachte inside skein end of the thread to tangle does not spill during the game, and throw it to the animal. Such toys as opposed to shopping products are completely environmentally friendly and safe for pets. If you do not want to then look under the sofa skeins and balls, turn on your pet TV - many cats love to catch paws running on the screen or play a string with birds from the game Angry Birds.

More complicated toys

how sdelatigrushku own hands
A good pastime for cats and willthe conquest of the labyrinth. It can make water out of four corners and drill with a paddle, which needs to be done in the design of the hole for the cat's paws. In this maze, you can throw the ball, and the animal will get a lot of pleasure, blindly chasing the elusive target. It reminds him of his original hunting skills and make life in the apartment brighter and more saturated.

No less interesting and fun are cardboard boxes, glued to each other - they penetrate windows and your cat will spend there a lot of pleasant moments.

For those who have the minimum skillssewing, creation of suitable toys out of wool and felt. For cats, you can make a hammock, soft or tunnel tent, as well as another similarity cats that your pet will be silent, but nice company. ; It's no secret that animals love the different rattles - lay an egg on the Kinder surprise a little dry food or beads cat and throw it to be delighted with this toy.
The number of self-made toys for catsinfinitely - most importantly, to show imagination, inspiration and love for your furry friend, who will thank you for the pleasant entertainment murchaniem and devotion.

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