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How to make a homemade car

How to make a homemade car

Almost everyone sooner or later, there is their own interests. It allows not only to pass the time. but also to try to express themselves in anything.

For example, many people love to do something with their own hands.

This hobby is very useful, because you can do many things that are needed in the house with his own hands.

Your child asks for a machine?

Why spend money to buy it, if it is possible to raise children avtomobilchik.

You will need

  • Tools, aluminum chassis, wheels of the carriages, wood and plastic, glue-point ink.



Start with a sketch of manufacture. & Nbsp-It is best to develop with your child. This will allow you to understand exactly what your child wants avtomobilchik. Sketch drawing with him. Treat it with care, since it is on this figure you have to make a detailed drawing of the future car. Try to help your child to use imagination as much as possible. Image may not be entirely perfect and accurate, it should reflect the main features of the future vehicle.


On a sheet of paper Make a detailed drawing. From its accuracy will depend on the success of your crafts. Remember, the fewer mistakes will be made in the drawing, the less will be spoiled material. & Nbsp-the figure to reflect all the fine details of the design of your future machines. When you do not forget to calculate the drawing drawing. Consider the weight of the child for whom manufactured avtomobilchik. One of the main points of manufacturing - the choice of material. Here the choice is very wide. Most of today 's car are made of iron, but such avtomobilchiki very traumatic. It is best to choose a wood and plastic. These materials are very easily handled. From the tree, you can do a basic design, and all the external plastic parts. Can be made of aluminum, for example, avtomobilchika chassis.


Fabricate all the necessary items according todeveloped drawing. Carefully put on the blank layout. After the manufacture of parts make the first fitting. Everything has to fit perfectly together. If you find inconsistencies, then they need to be carefully addressed. Then reassemble the machine. When building using screws and glue. It is best to use a glue point. Put the car to the side and let it dry.


The choice of wheels - is also an important step. If you plan to use the machine only at home, you can make the wheels of wood. If the child will ride a compact car on the street, then set the wheels with rubber tires, for example, from the stroller. Install the chassis and the wheels on the machine and check the performance of the product. You made a model. to which the child will roll, pushing your feet off the ground. You can upgrade the machine, installing the pedal mechanisms of the bicycle. It remains only to decorate the product and give it to your child.

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