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HOW do smokehouse home

How to make a home smokehouse

Many people dream regularly feast on smoked products.

To do this, not necessarily to buy them in the shop for a high price.

Enough to have a smokehouse, which is quite easy to make yourself.

You will need

  • • Metal rods
  • • skewers
  • • Shelf-grille from the refrigerator.
  • • Metal barrel (200 liters better)
  • • Bricks
  • • iron sheet



First manufactured housing. This requires a metal barrel. She cut out the bottom. That will have a cylinder. This cylinder is placed on the ground and in the lower part of the hole is cut. In this opening will include furnace. The firebox is made of bricks. The bricks are placed in a row. It must be a solution between the bricks. As a result, the bricks would like to go out of the barrel. Then mount is made of iron sheets. Fixing is carried out with a solution. The furnace must be high to logs placed into it without problems.


So, with a barrel furnace is ready. The production process is coming to an end. Just above the furnace is fixed, cut on the diameter of the barrel, shelf-grille from the refrigerator. It is intended to ensure that products that are accidentally dropped, were not directly on the ground. Installing grills performed on metal rods. For their attachment drilled a few holes at the bottom of the barrel. And from above, where will hang smoked, do a few bars on which hooks cling from skewers. Make these simple hooks. Folded skewers by not sharp pieces. They will dress and products. Smokehouse ready. It remains only to let the smoke hang salted meat on hooks and to smoke it.

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