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How to make a smokehouse at home


How to make a smokehouse at home</a>

Many people dream of regularly eating smoked products.

To do this, it is not necessary to buy them in the store at a high price.

It is enough to have a smokehouse, which is not difficult to manufacture by yourself.

You will need

  • • Metal rods
  • • Shampoo
  • • Shelf-grill from the refrigerator.
  • • Metal barrel (better than 200 liters)
  • • Bricks
  • • Iron sheet



First of all, the case is made. This requires a metal barrel. She cuts the bottom. The result is a cylinder. This cylinder is placed on the ground and a hole is cut in its lower part. This hole will include a furnace. The furnace is made of bricks. Bricks are simply put in a row. Between the bricks must be a solution. As a result, the bricks will as if leave the barrel. Next, the sheet of iron is fastened. Fastening is carried out with the help of a solution. The furnace must be high so that the logs are placed in it without problems.


So, the barrel with the furnace is ready. The production process is coming to an end. A little above the furnace is attached, cut to the diameter of the barrel, shelf-grate from the refrigerator. It is designed to ensure that products that accidentally fall down do not turn out to be on the ground. Installation of the shelf-grid is performed on metal bars. To fix them, several holes are drilled in the bottom of the barrel. And from above, where there will be hanging of smoked, make some more twigs on which hooks from skewers are hooked. Make these hooks simple. The skewers are bent from the side of the not acute part. Products will be put on them. The smokehouse is ready. It remains only to start the smoke, hang the salted meat on the hooks and smoke it.

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