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How to make herbal men with their hands

How to make herbal men with their hands

You do not know how to decorate your interior? Then try to make your own hands herbal men.

They can become not only a beautiful home decoration, but also a great unique gift.

You will need

  • - Small clay pots - 2 piece-
  • - Wooden palochka-
  • - kistochka-
  • - acrylic paints-
  • - shnur-
  • - Plastics for modelirovaniya-
  • - soil-
  • - Seeds ovsa-
  • - Glue gun.



The first step - it is the connection of the two bottomsclay pots. For this to be pushed into the holes of pots wooden stick and then fix it with a glue gun. The basis of the future of herbal man ready.


Then you need to take a pencil and use it to draw on our hand-made article every detail of the face and clothes. Second, in our case - a jumpsuit.


Acrylic paints have to colorize all the newly painted parts crafts. Do not worry if you do not have acrylic paints. For this product is suitable even simple gouache.


After Herbal man painted,to do his arms and legs from the cord. For this cut a few cord segments of suitable length, and then glue them. Also, at this stage you need to make small pieces of cloth pants. Do not forget to form a plastic hands and feet.


In the pot, which plays the role of the head, gently sprinkle the ground. You can use a simple tablespoon. Then take the oats seeds, sow them in the head man grass.


We can only wait until the seeds germinate. Herbal man ready!

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