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How to make herbal hedgehog sock

How to make herbal hedgehog sock

All are looking forward to the summer. You can bring it up a bit, making the grass hedgehog.

This hack perfectly decorate the window sill and lift your spirits.

You will need

  • - nosok-
  • - soil-
  • - Seeds ovsa-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Several busin-
  • - Thick nit-
  • - Plastic tarelka-
  • - Tailor bulavki-
  • - Water.



So we start manufacturing herbal hedgehog. Take a sock and fall asleep in it a little bit of soil. The rest of the soil must be mixed with the seeds of oats, then fill them toe balances.


Sock, filled with soil, you need to tie. This can be done with a rubber band, and by means of a thick thread.


Sock ground spread on a plasticplate so that the fastened part of the crafts to be seen. Next you need to create the future of the hedgehog. To do this, we pull it slightly rounded nose and sides. Then pour the water our billet.


Garnish with a muzzle. Using tailor's pins fix the beads in the right places. The eyes and nose are ready!


It remains to put our crafts in warm lightplace and wait for the ascent of seeds. When they begin to sprout, you must move the product. So we will let grow the seeds evenly. Do not forget about watering. Herbal hedgehog sock is ready!

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