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HOW to make heating of polypropylene

How to make a heating system made of polypropylene

In every apartment heating is important. Among the most popular materials used for the heating device, it is recognized polypropylene, compare favorably among its peers.

Make heating polypropylene can own, without the help of professionals.

Heating withpolypropylene pipes for many is one of the most viable solutions. Install a heating in the apartment is much easier than any other material. Moreover, it will cost much less.

Advantages of the heating from polypropylene

Polypropylene pipes have excellentthroughput capacity of water, which is maintained even after prolonged use. And thanks to the fact that the pipes have a slight scaling, service life can reach 25 years, but it needs to avoid contact with direct sunlight, the effects of which adversely affects the polypropylene.
During installation of polypropylene pipes is not necessarymake additional holes in the walls. In addition, polypropylene is non-corrosive, is not subject to overgrowing and silting, and has excellent sound insulation.

Heating of polypropylene

The most important thing during the heating installation is a compound of polypropylene pipes and fittings, which uses a special welding machine.

Pike pipes must be carried out only when the temperature of the air at least + 5 ° C. Otherwise, around the solder joints formed by the thermal zone, a negative effect on the tightness of connections.

To install a heating system, follow these steps:
- Preliminary calculation circuit pads of polypropylene pipes, determining how many meters needed to otopleniya- system device
- Calculate the length of the pipe sections to each uchastke-
- Decide the kinds fitinga-
- Installation, store all the items in the room where they will have to warm up to room temperature. This will prevent formation of cracks on plastics during work-
- Perform calculations according to measure out portions of the pipe, then use the pen put the place rezki-
- Using special scissors perpendicular to the surface, do the clean cut along the marked liniyam-

Do not forget to solder with both ends of the pipe to remove the dirt with a dry cloth and rub them with an alcohol solution.

- Heat the soldering apparatus, which must be strictly on a horizontal surface with a pre-degreased nozzle corresponding to the diameter of the pipe section, to 260 ° C

Time welding and cooling connections must be determined according to the diameter of the pipe under the directory.

- Place the heater in the hole and fitting pipe and make the heating elements-these
- Carefully remove the parts, and then insert the tube into the fitting. As long as the parts to not completely cool, twist them nelzya-

After the pipe to be installed andare connected, it is necessary to make a test of the heating system, which is made to fill the pipeline. To conduct the test is necessary for one hour. This is enough to identify the problem, if any.

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