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How do hearts by Ava

How do hearts by Ava

One of the innovations in the social network"VKontakte" is an assessment of photographs of people records and other materials by means of the so-called "likes" (from the English «I like» -. «I like"), which take the form of hearts.

There are various ways to collect a large number of hearts under the user's profile.



Try as the information can be updated more often onyour page: create new albums and add photos to them, download audio and video recordings, place the record on the wall, etc. All this will attract the attention of your friends and other users to a page, with the result that they will often go to it and assess your publication, and an avatar.


Expand your list of friends. Social network "VKontakte" has a convenient search engine acquaintances on various parameters, and even displays the possible friends (people you are likely to know) on the left side of the main page. Also do not forget to communicate with your friends, as well as "laykat" and comment on their avatars and other records. In this case, they will be more likely to leave the hearts and under your photo.


Try to change your avatar often. It is unlikely that your friends like, if the page is a long time to be one and the same picture. You can bet on a new photo page at least once a week. At the same time try to choose their best, interesting and unusual pictures that are sure to attract the attention of visitors to the page.


Join a special community, whose membersevaluate avatars and other publications of people at their request. You can ask the community members to put your heart under the avatar, and evaluate the photos on their pages in response. This will recruit a large number of "likes". You can also try to appeal to your friends and ask them to rate the avatar. At the same time, remember that this "begging" they may not like. In addition, the administration social network "Vkontakte" is not very good attitude to such behavior and may even temporarily shut down to you for "spamming" access to her page. If you and seek the help of others, try to get your message differed from each other in structure.

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