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How to make hair thicker by using pepper tincture

How to make hair thicker by using pepper tincture

For centuries, the thick head of hair was the mainattribute the attractiveness of any beauty. In modern conditions of women continue to make every effort to give additional volume of hair.

One of them - the usual pepper tincture, which can be found at any drugstore or even cook yourself.

Thanks to the active substances, pepper tinctureIt affects the scalp, as intense "stimulus". Penetrating the epidermis, the severity of hot peppers increases the blood supply to the hair roots, thereby follicles begin to work harder. On the one hand, this leads to an acceleration of hair growth, and with it - awakens the so-called "dormant hair follicles."
Meanwhile, it should be remembered that the use of pepperinfusion may lead to loss of the weakened hairs. To prevent this, it should be for two weeks before the course to hold nourishing masks Capsicum complex. At this time, it is necessary once every three days to put the mask on the basis of sour cream, essential oils and tinctures of stinging nettle.
To prepare the necessary pepper tincturetake 500 grams of vodka and 3 fresh hot pepper pod. Pepper along with the seeds finely pulverized in a blender until smooth. Thick must be placed in a container with a tight lid and pour the vodka. A week later, the composition must strain through a sieve and pour into a jar.
Furthermore, it can be purchased from pharmacies alreadyready pepper tincture, which is released for sprains and frostbite. The difference between factory pepper vodka from home-cooked minimum because both of these products are made from natural ingredients, with the only difference being that the drugstore pepper vodka insisted on rubbing alcohol.
Pepper mask is applied to the unwashed hair. When applying the composition to the root is important to use disposable plastic gloves. Moisten a small amount of infusion cotton pad, a means must be applied to the scalp strictly on hair partings.
Thereafter, the composition remains on the hair for20 minutes, after which it must be a sufficient amount of rinse shampoo. The frequency of application of masks - once a week. The apparent effect will be seen in three months, when awakened hairs reach lengths of 1-2 cm.

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