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How to make hair ornament

How to make a hair ornament

Decoration for hair that you create your own hands, you will add charm and emphasize the individuality of the selected image.

Improvise with accessories for the hair, you create wonders can be a decoration for you and fill up the box friends and acquaintances.

You will need

  • - greben-
  • - satin ribbon-
  • - zakolka-
  • - organza-
  • - svecha-
  • - obodok-
  • - Beads beads-
  • - elastic-
  • - Embroidery or lace.



Decorating for a crest of hair

Pick a narrow satin ribbon, suitablecolors. Cut a piece of the desired length. It should be 15 cm larger than the ridge. Oplavte candle over the edge of the tape, then it will not crumble. Keep the cloth close to the fire that was not black streaks.


Tie a ribbon assembly at the beginning of the ridge. Pass it to the end of the ridge, wrapping each clove. Secure the ponytail. You can just take a multi-colored ribbon, and can attach to the base of new and repeat it all the way. Instead of satin ribbons for decoration comb suit beautiful braid or organza.


Hairpin with flower

Draw on a sheet of paper or cardboard threeblank for flowers of different sizes, each with five petals. Make a pattern of air synthetic fabric, each the size of three pieces. Carefully treat all elements of the future edge of the flower of a burning candle.


Gather the fabric preform into a flower. Lay them in size, but each cinquefoil slightly slide in a circle, it will give additional splendor product. In the middle of a stitch some beads. Glue the flower to the barrette with hot glue.


Headband with beads

Get rim desired thickness. Spread along the length of a few drops of hot glue and wrap with a satin ribbon. Squeeze the cloth to the rim with your fingers to make it better and more evenly stuck.


String on a thread or twine pearls or other beads. Make three of these strings. Fold them into a spiral.


Cut out felt, matching colored satin ribbon to the three circle. Glue them rolled beads. With the help of a hot glue attach these items to the rim.


Headband hair

Sew the elastic band so that it fitsHe bows his head, but did not press it. From sewing lace or thick cut flowers or interesting elements. If the fabric fray, small brush with glue PVA promazhte edge and put to dry.


Pattern the lace pieces of beads or sequins. Sew procurement gum.

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