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How to make hair net

How to make hair net

All women want to look perfect.

Especially at events and festivals.

And what to do if you find out about the triumph in just one hour before the start, and the hair look dirty?

It is necessary to use small tricks.

You will need

  • - dry shampoo-
  • - hair spray-
  • - hair gel-
  • - comb-
  • - Towel.



The best way to make the hair clean - wash them. Wet hair, apply a small amount of shampoo, lather and massage your head a little bit. Then thoroughly rinse your hair.


After shampooing your hair should be dry and apply a lacquer or styling gel (if you're going to go to an event), or cause a health spray.


Dry shampoo is also able to make your hair clean. To do this, put it on the entire length of hair (difficulties will not arise, as a shampoo comes in the form of a spray) and leave on the head for 3-4 minutes.


Get rid of dry shampoo is very simple - it is necessary to carefully comb the hair with a comb. "Rinse" shampoo with a short hair is possible, using a normal towel.


In the acute shortage of time, you can buildhairstyle that maximum mask the messy hair. For example, you can make a bundle at the nape. When laying need to use gel or hairspray. You can also make the beam with a bang, but the bang is necessary sprinkle with hairspray and tuck and dry her hair dryer.

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