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How to make hair healthy

How to make hair healthy

Long, flowing hair over her shoulders - the dream of many, many girls and women. And no wonder, because long tresses - a sign of femininity and tenderness.

They have long attracted the attention of men.

Hair exposed to the modern womaneveryday stresses: frequent washing, blow-drying, drawing ironing, living in polluted cities. It is necessary to provide good care and a comprehensive approach to the problem of hair restoration.

One of the most important, but not always takenaccount of measures to give hair a healthy appearance is to control the power. In conditions of constant haste few people can calm and full breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many cost fast food and snacks. Try to build a diet so that it was attended by all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Be sure to eat cottage cheese and dairy products, meat, fruits and vegetables. Take a multivitamin.

Use the shampoo suitable for frequentwashing, and balm-conditioner. Do not neglect the hair mask. Very good effect wrapping of the olive oil. Heat a small amount of product, spread the oil on the roots, rubbing it massaged into the scalp and through the hair. Wrap hair polythene and a warm towel. An hour later wash your hair with shampoo. This mask moisturizes perfectly over-dried hair, eliminate dandruff and soothe scalp itching.

Comb the hair with a natural bristle brushor a wooden comb. On the process of combing at least 10 minutes daily. Such micro-massage improves blood circulation, which nourishes the hair follicles, and thus a beneficial effect on their growth.

If possible, try to dry your hairnaturally. Not without the help of a hair dryer. Avoid ironing. If this is not possible, use thermal protection sprays and lotions. It will protect your hair from drying out and excessive damage.

Love your hair and take care of them. And then they will shine a beautiful healthy glow.

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