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How to Make Gold shoes for five minutes

Golden shoes

If your favorite shoes are worn out and have lost their visual appeal, do not rush to throw them out.

Within five minutes of time and using a minimum number of materials can make a new pair of shoes.

You will need

  • - Glitter (glitter) -
  • - Acrylic Klein
  • - Two kistochki-
  • - Capacity (regular bowl or container) -
  • - sandpaper-
  • - Old shoes.



The main thing that needs to be done at the initial stagework - thoroughly rinse shoes, removing all the dirt. To begin the decor will be possible only if the shoes will be absolutely clean and dry. To be safe, better to lightly wipe the surface with fine sandpaper. Especially such a procedure is recommended if the lacquered material shoes.


In a separate container, mix acrylic adhesive andgolden sequins. Proportions selected in accordance with the consistency of the mix. The more you add sparkles to the glue, the lower layers need to impose on the shoes and the more saturated is the sparkling effect.


Apply a mixture of gold with a brush onsurface of the material of which the shoe. This should be done very carefully to avoid irregularities or divorce. several layers of cooked mass may be applied if necessary. To secure a brilliant application can use a transparent varnish or lacquer any.


Similarly it is possible to decorate the individualportions of footwear, for example, only heels. Gold radically change the look of the shoe, turning ordinary shoes in the expensive exclusive model. Golden glitter can be optionally combined with gold sequins. However, the time for such a design of the experiment will need a little more.

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