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How to make glowing stars on the ceiling

How to make a glowing star on the ceiling

Decorating the interior, I want to make it special.

The main thing here - well thought out and the end result is not to overdo it in detail. Each of the sites will be important.

The most common, cost-effective ceiling can be decorated so that it will not be worse than fancy expensive options.

Who does not like to look at the starry sky? Big and small stars like to watch from a height, it remains only to make a wish. How nice to think positive at star-studded the horizon! Better still dream at night, looking at the stars - this does not necessarily go to sleep in the open field.
You can arrange the starry sky on the ceilinghis room. It turns out very quickly and economically - no need sophisticated electronics, no need to mess around with the installation of finance costs too low.

How to make the ceiling a starry sky

On sale are often found setsStars adhesive composed of various sizes, may be added to the rocket, and the like of the planet elements. They can glow in the dark off-line, additional lights they do not need. To "recharge" them enough for what the room will be a little while the light is turned on. As soon as the light goes off, it appears luminescent effect.

Energy storage for emission happens very quickly. self-illumination effect is usually enough for a few hours.

Kits made of fluorescent StarsPVC film, which has a downside - adhesive. There are also options such as both sides of the elements are the same, then there is a set of pieces of special double-sided tape, which should be pasted on one side. Adhesive tape is attached to the back side of the figures, then they should be tightened to press to the ceiling.

Luminous ceiling in the children's room

Particularly impressive look glowing starswill be in the nursery. Production is completely safe, so it can be used anywhere, but kids come in a special delight from this ceiling. Asterisks can unstick and to change their location, create a map of the sky, or simply attach as fancy dictates.
Positioning stars better as close as possible to thelight source - a chandelier, for example. In the dark, they look very unusual and beautiful - even a night light in the nursery is not required. Many children with the stars much better sleep and can think for them the story of how the sprocket guard sleep and send it beautiful pictures.

Children will be interesting and informative for adults to help in gluing stars - can simultaneously examine the structure of the solar system and to practice in the preparation of the constellations.

The sky of stars with a luminescent glow can beto create any type of ceiling - drywall, plaster, etc. Day luminous stars almost merge with the ceiling light, and special interior design changes will not happen. Fans of 3D effects can stick the stars on the ceiling and on the walls. Stars and perfectly attached to wallpaper, and painted walls.

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