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HOW to make gloves for washing vegetables with your hands

How to make gloves for washing vegetables with your hands

You agree that dirty washing vegetables - it is not pleasant.

The dirt is not only hurts the skin hands, but also can get under the fingernails. In this case, I suggest you do with your hands gloves for washing vegetables.

By the way, these gloves will not only wash the vegetables, but also to take with them a thin skin.

In other words, the pros, and more!

You will need

  • - A pair of gloves-mochalok-
  • - A pair of abrasive cloths for washing posudy-
  • - Acrylic pryazha-
  • - Needle shtopki-
  • - Scissors.



So, we proceed to the manufacture of gloveswashing vegetables. The first thing to do - is cut from the abrasive cloths 2 hearts in different sizes and 5 ovals for the fingers. The size of hearts, must not be greater the palm. Be sure to consider this.


Now, all the details must be obtained to sew gloves using large stitches to the inside, that is, to the palm. For this purpose use acrylic yarn. Do everything very carefully.


After all items are sewn to the innersides of the glove, you can start using them. Remember that they have the right and the left hand, it all depends on how you want to use them. If you clean off a thin rind, the wear side with hearts, if you just wash the vegetables, then wear gloves so that abrasive hearts are on the reverse side. As you can see, they are universal.

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