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How to make gift box with his hands

How to make a gift box with his hands

If you are tired of wrapping gifts in the usual gift box, this option is for you.

I suggest you make an original gift box of paper.

You will need

  • - Dense bumaga-
  • - Tape width 0.8 cm, length 20 cm
  • - stepler-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - A needle with a wide eye.



First, you need to cut out of construction papersquare. From its size will depend on the size of the future gift boxes. Once the paper is ready to harvesting, it is necessary to lay down one-by-two diagonals. Once again, bend it, but so that the opposite sides are aligned, then expand by 90 degrees and do the same thing, only with other opposing parties.


Now you need to bend all four sides of the square parallel to the fold line in the center. Thus, the paper sheet should be divided into 16 squares of equal size.


Then you need to bend each of the 4 corners of the square diagonally, that is, bend the small squares that are in the corners diagonally.


In addition, each small square, which isat large angles should fold into halves so that a triangle. Its selling on the fold inside the product. As a result, should form an octahedron.


Long side of the product is necessary to bend inward. The resulting triangle is secure with the stapler at the base and cut the excess paper, departing from the binding edge about 1 centimeter.


It remains to make the holes for the ribbons. To do this, tighten all the vertices of the polyhedron and make holes. Just keep in mind that they need to be where the party crafts closed when folded. Slide the tape. Gift box ready!

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