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How to make gift bag

How to make a gift bag

Do you like to use for gifts all kinds of gift packaging?

If yes, then I suggest you experiment a bit, you have to make your own hands for a gift bag.

You will need

  • - cotton fabric-
  • - White nitki-
  • - Decorative ribbon or verevka-
  • - sewing machine.



So, first you need to carve outcotton fabric 2, the same square, the size of which depends on the present. If you do not have this fabric, you can use any other natural material. To the obtained parts at no wrinkles, they should be thoroughly ironed and to steam.


Now we add a cut parts so thatThey were facing each other. With the help of a sewing machine stitched by them all around. Just do not forget to leave a small hole through it is necessary to turn the future gift bag face. Once this is done, it should be sewn.


Next, tuck the corners obtaineda square so that the cross formed therebetween. Folded corners should stitch on the machine, stepping back from the edge of 1 cm. So we formed 4 tunnel, through which will be decorative ribbon.


Decorative rope length in meters cut ontwo equal parts. One thread is passed through the upper right corner, and conduct on-clockwise. The second section of the thread slips through the lower left corner and direct counter-clockwise. Thus we have happened that the rope stretches going in opposite directions and are located opposite each other.


It remains to tie knots in the thread, then fasten crafts. Gift bag with his hands ready!

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