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How to make doll furniture for yourself


How to make doll furniture for yourself</a>

Buy furniture, and even the whole house, for the doll today is no problem. But after all soft sofas made by hand, much nicer than hard plastic ones bought in the store.

In addition, children in general are very fond of self-made toys, since they are made with love.

You will need

  • Glue, scissors, a little foil, a couple of matches, a small stick or a straw for a cocktail, an adhesive film



So, to make furniture for dolls you can practicallyFrom any material. For example, you have a box from under the shoes. From it you can get a great wardrobe. To make it, you need glue, scissors, some foil, a couple of matches, a small stick or a straw for a cocktail, a glue film, best for a tree, but you can take ordinary paper and paint it as your heart desires.

Furniture for dolls own hands from cardboard


First, cut the lid of the box into two halves and cut off the short folds.

Glue on one of the halves of the lid foil (it will mimic the mirror). You can glue the "mirror" on both doors.

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Long bends of the cabinet doors are glued to the outside of the sides of the second part of the box. Make the handles out of matches.


Cover the box under the tree or paper with the side walls of the box, the back part and the inner sides of the doors.


Cocktail tube or wand measure on the width of the box and cut. This is the holder for the hangers, fix it inside the cabinet. The doll can hang things on the hangers!


But from small boxes of sweets will be a wonderful TV and a bedside-stand for him. The main thing is to cover them with paper of the right color or colorize.


Of ordinary plastic bottles can be madeA lot of useful things for the doll house. For example, a two-liter bottle will make an armchair. To do this, it is enough to cut the neck obliquely. In the bottom after that, put a piece of cloth, depicting a cloak, or sew a cushion in the form of the bottom.


From a small bottle in a half liter it will turn outGood floor lamp. From the bottle you need to cut the bottom and neck with a stopper. The bottom of the bottle becomes a stand lamp, and the neck - a shade. These details are connected by means of an ordinary cocktail tube. You can decorate such a floor lamp with a piece of beautiful cloth, gathered around the cork "lampshade".

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