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How to make furniture

Creating a project, consider all the details

The possibilities of modern technology are truly endless, you only need to be able to use them. Here and in the creation of furniture were programs that allow you to design it.

This significantly speeds up the entire process from concept to actual implementation ideas and helps to feel like a pro, making quality furniture with his own hands.



The issue of professionalism when creating a homeFurniture is not the last. The difference between the things that made the master of things, concocted by an amateur in the soundness of its design, the quality of work and control over all the processes of creation.


Before you pick up the saw and the hammer,Think about the image of the subject in all the details. Already at this stage you will be special programs bCAD Furniture, Basis-Furniture maker, Kitchendraw. The most popular and understandable to the common user program Astra and Pro100. The feature set is similar in both programs. And there, and there is a standard set of furniture. Select the item that you are interested in are displayed in three-dimensional space and how to twirl, asking the right size, texture. If your program is not available, you need to pick up a pencil and make the most simple drawing. The main thing at this stage? understand what you want. Look at the magazines of interiors, for sure you will find what you want to see in his apartment. Think about how you can bring ideas to life.


Next stage ? the creation of the drawing. Again, use the program, or draw themselves. The paper does not regret. Agree, better known stack of paper for 200 rubles, than to spoil the expensive material when sawing parts. Calculate all the parameters. You need to know the length of any of the smallest element. Try to do all the details on a single standard. For example, all the corners are rounded on the same radius. Draw all the general connection between the parts.


Next comes the creation of assembly instructions. Skip this step, you risk to forget the sequence of connection. How insulting is that almost all of it will be collected, and it turns out that assembled in the wrong order, and stayed an extra, but necessary detail. In assembling the map you have to provide all the tools that will be useful to describe the assembly techniques.


When all the documentation will be made? depart not from her side. Now you can go to the store and stock up on all the necessary materials, accessories and tools missing. Some supermarkets offer cut construction details for a small fee. Take advantage of this service is necessary. So you will be relieved from the heavy manual labor, as well as avoid unnecessary dust at home or in the workshop.

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