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How to make fruit pompons

How to make fruit pompons

From the remnants of yarn can be made bright fluffy pompons fruit, which will require quite a bit of yarn, and the time just a little bit of experience.

You will need

  • - Harvesting of kartona-
  • - Red pryazha-
  • - Yellow pryazha-
  • - White pryazha-
  • - Green pryazha-



Pompon-strawberries in the manufacture of the easiest.
Wrap blank red yarn as a basis for pom-pom, then add a few turns of white yarn, "scattered" in some places to create seeds.
Add a small bunch of green yarn on one free end.
Thus, to make the second half of the pompom and connect them together.


Hold the green yarn, trim the excess, creating a smooth neat red ball, and the lower end of the strawberries to form a pointed shape.
Cut several long green strands, creating a Star-shaped leaves of berries.


For the manufacture of lemon pom-pom-wrap the middle of the workpiece with a thin layer of white yarn, not reaching the edges.
Then the yarn is yellow layer with a gap in the center and at both ends of the layer thickness decreases toward the center.
Wrap on top of one another ?? thin white fur, as if creating an hourglass shape.
Fill the narrow middle area at the top of the yellow yarn.
Then again, wrap a thin layer of white yarn on top.
At the end of a large number of yellow yarn to put across the surface of the workpiece. Get the first half of "lemon".
For the second half only need to wrap solid yellow layer


When you open a blank cut with scissors from the top of the white lines and make it flat.
By bringing the edge to the middle of the hand, carefully cut the white edge of the circle. Then straighten the rest of the corpus luteum, giving the shape of a lemon.

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