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How to make friends with the dog?

How to make friends with the dog?

It so happens that there is an animal in the house, and a relationship with him well, does not add up.

But both want to have a new family member you become a true friend!

Try to understand how we can improve the relationship with the dog.

Be kind
Animals surprisingly thin feel your to themattitude. Therefore, if you experience a dislike to a dog (or fear), she is likely to understand it and begin to respond in kind. Even if you do not like dogs, do not look at an animal as his enemy or a source of eternal troubles. Locate the positive side, for example, loyalty. Gradually you will be able to get used to the dog, the main thing - think of it as a whole favorably not hurl punish, humiliate, do not cry, and, of course, do not dismiss his hands (though and feet too). Such actions will never settle down to your pet.
Punishment? Only a well-deserved.
Even if the puppy, "naprudil" in the hallway, anddeserves a just punishment, do not rush to grab for the sneaker to whip unruly animal. Remember that the animal can not understand some things, for example, that the shit in the wrong places is prohibited. A cruel punishment easily injure his psyche, and perhaps in this way can achieve love and trust? Try softer ways: the classic "Fu", "terrible" eyes light slap (but not causes the dog pain, just let her know that she was wrong), ignoring for two or three hours.
Many dogs love to play, to be worn on the streetfor a ball or a stick, to overcome various obstacles. Venture out on a daily basis is necessary that dog could with their physical needs. Sometimes, however, if time allows, you can arrange walks and entertainment. They give pleasure and the dog, and the owner himself. Take the street ball, play hide and seek, go to the forest - there is a lot of variety of games that will delight pet and will help you arrange it yourself.
And finally, another truism: if you truly want to make friends with animals, then all you must succeed. Over time, in response to his good attitude and you will get love and dedication, will find a real, true friend in a dog's face.

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