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How to make friends with the child's "new dad"

How to make friends with the child's "new dad"

Divorce - a fairly common phenomenon in our society. If the first marriage was a child, all further communication with the opposite sex should take place very carefully.

And if you hide the relationship from the child within the meaning of no, and you are going to get married, it is necessary to prepare the child to get acquainted with someone for you, but it is no stranger to his person.

1. The best way to see a child with your new lover - neutral territory. Good scenario: you walk with your baby in the park, meet his "good friend" (ie your lover), and it offers all go together in the park or go fishing. Let the first meeting of the child remain a pleasant experience. Let your man does not concern you and is trying to be as tactful. After walking together carefully to find out if your beloved is like a child.

2. The next few meetings, too, do not you organize and not at his house: go on a picnic, cinema, concert. Only then, when you see that the child does not experience negative emotions to the man who had invited him to his home. Do not rush immediately to live together - here it is better not to hurry.

3. Never compare new lover with Dad Child. For the child, dad is always the best, because these comparisons only bring negativity.

4. Do not change the habits of the family. Continue cycling on Saturdays and watch a movie together at 21.00. Let the man as far as possible to join your family traditions.

5. Be honest with your child. Try to explain that to you like a man, but the child will always be for you in the first place, and you're not going to love less.

6. Do not keep calling her stepfather "Dad." This can only be an initiative of the child. Stepfather does not claim to be the mother of the pope. Let it be "Uncle Sasha and Uncle Yuri."

7. Try to ensure that your lover does not load with presents baby toys. Better together they go somewhere, engaged in a common cause. This is a useful way of gifts.

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