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How to make flowers from ribbons

How to make flowers from ribbons

Elegant and lush flowers can be a greatdecoration and hairstyles, and clothing, as well as being an independent accessory - a brooch or handbag decoration. The flower give your image a touch of romance and femininity, make you more mysterious and original.

Make a flower with his own hands from satin or kapron tape is a snap.

Using strips of different materials with different texture, you can create a variety of folded rose.



Take a length of tape of 30 to 50 cm and a width of 4cm. When folded, keep the tape so that the edges of the future roses were on the same level. The right edge of the tape bend over, forming the edge of the tape with the right angle.


Then fold the tape across the folds of the previous andwrap it around the folds several times - in order to form the center of the future rose, quite five or six turns. Sew the thread and needle central curl. Now, with the left hand bend at right angles to the tape back and tilt the center of the flower.


Tighten the center along the diagonal crease bentbelt. Again bend the ribbon on the left side and screw it together with a fold around the flower. Do not tighten the belt on turns too tight - that the petals were magnificent, they must lie freely between them must be the air.


Fix pitch thread and a needle todesign is not scattered. Continue in the same way to bend and twist the tape until it is over, or until your flower does not reach the desired size. For the average turnover rose enough to repeat two or three times, but for the big rose - six times.


Slightly bend down the tape, after which it wassew the raw edge to the base of the flower. The excess portion of the tape cut off with scissors and sew "leg" of the flower to secure the structure. If the base of the flower sew or glue the wire, you will receive a rose on a stem.

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