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How to make flowers out of tissue

Multicolored flowers from napkins to help decorate the holiday table

Decorate the holiday table, make the original mural in the kitchen or in the nursery, kindergarten group draw for the spring holiday you will help ordinary paper towels.

Industry produces napkins of all colors and shades that allows a person with imagination to create highly original compositions.

Make a beautiful flower of wipes can be a few minutes.

You will need

  • - Paper salfetki-
  • - Color skotch-
  • - provoloka-
  • - Paper vazochka-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - PVA glue.



The easiest way of doing napkins asters. Take 2-3 napkins of the same color. They have rolled four times. Fold the squares together, combining all sides and angles. Gently scissors movement turn the square into a circle. The compass in this case is not required, more precision is needed. On the contrary, the flower will look more natural if the edges of the petals will be a little uneven.


Fasten the middle layers of a drop of glue. They do not need to disconnect, simply drop the PVA glue to the upper and lower layers. You can do without glue, combining layers of cotton thread, one or two stitches.


Take a blank for the lower center of the circle. Slightly pull it and crumple, to get the sharp end. Shook his green tape. Spread the petals. Your aster ready. In the same way, you can make and cloves. It's enough to cut out the squares circles are not straight and curly scissors. Now you can attach your flower, for example, to the wire, which is better to wrap a strip of green cloth. Put your creation in a vase. It can be done in papier-mâché or origami.


To make the lily, you will need only onenapkin and rolled four times. Fold it diagonally from the closed to the open corner. Cut from the top corners of the half-open open until the middle of the part. If you do it in an arc, the flower will look more natural.


Closed angle squeeze and wrap green tape. Just one layer. The petals unfold. Flower spread on the wire. The end of the wire into the cup of a flower print and attach to it a cotton tamponchik painted in yellow or orange color. Tamponchiki can replace the ball, rolled up in a piece of matching color napkins. For the most lily, of course, more appropriate white cloth, but we can take a small figure, and with a border around the edge.

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