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HOW to make pots with flowers

How to make pots with flowers

Such lovely pots of flowers will create a spring mood in your home or serve as a nice gift for your loved ones.

To create these require clay or plastic pots and some free time.

You will need

  • - pots
  • - paint
  • - Wool or sintepon
  • - Sisal and moss
  • - burlap
  • - lace
  • - thin cloth
  • - button
  • - glue



First color the pots of paint: acrylic, gouache or oil. Color you can choose any. If the clay will show through the paint pot will look more interesting. Give the paint to dry.


The bottom of the pot smeared with glue and put back a little wadding or padding polyester. Top glue moss or sisal green.


Cut the strip of burlap, collect it on a thread and tightens. The resulting circle glue in the sisal slightly angled.


Now we make a flower out of tissue. Cut a long strip of cloth, folding it along and collect on a thread on the edge untreated. Threads pulled together and twist the fabric in the form of flower.


Putting on a thread lace strip and also contractible. Sew on this item on the flower, decorate the middle of a beautiful buttons.


Now glue the resulting flower on burlap. You can decorate the pot bow of ribbon. Pot is ready!

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