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How do floristic collage technique of terra colors

How to make a floral collage technique of terra colors

Fallen autumn leaves, a bouquet of flowers thatwilted - all of which can serve as material for floral collage technique of terra colors. Work in this technique makes it possible to extend the life of dried flowers and plants, but in a different capacity.

Floral collage technique of flowers terra allows you to keep a sense of the mood of the events of the past for a long time.

And equipment terra interesting because it allows the master to maximize express their creativity.

You will need

  • - Plant material
  • - Wallpaper paste
  • - gypsum
  • - The basis for the collage
  • - acrylic paints
  • - Fine-grained structural filler



Work on floral collage techniqueterra of flowers should begin with the selection of plant material and colors. It can be used not only floral material and branches, stems, leaves, buds and bark of trees. Picking up the necessary materials for the composition, they must be thoroughly prepared. This is especially true of fragile petals and leaves. There are two ways to prepare the plant material for collage.


The flowers and leaves can be treated with wallpaper paste. To do this, the glue should be diluted with water in a small container for the recipe on the package and apply the adhesive with a brush on the plants. The material was then put on the film and dried.


The second way is to process colorsa plaster solution. Dilute dry plaster with water to obtain the status of liquid sour cream. Dipping the plant material in the composition and spread out to dry. Once the flowers have dried, they are painted using acrylic paints or floral spray.


Next, these flowers can be glued to the basefloral gun. Basis for collage technique terra can be different. Primed cardboard, canvas on stretcher, thick cardboard, fiberboard provide the basis for the work. After, we will deal with a spatula on the basis of fine-grained filler, you can begin to consolidate the material on it. Floral collage technique of flowers terra allows the master to create a pattern unique to him.

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