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How to get fire without matches


How to get fire without matches</a>

A person who has been in the forest for a long timeTime, for survival simply need a fire. Getting a fire using a lighter and matches is not particularly difficult, but without them, problems arise in the forest.

Nevertheless, there are many other ways to kindle a fire.

You will need

  • - flint-
  • - first-aid kit-
  • - hunting cartridges-
  • - knife-
  • - magnifying glass-
  • - bottle.



To get fire without matches is bestTake advantage of the flint. Ideally, a factory-made mini-flint is suitable for this, which includes all the necessary elements. In case of his absence, find a stone (preferably a flint) and a metal plate (for example, a knife). As a tinder, type dry moss, wood dust or gut. If the weather is damp, use dry clothes (for example, a handkerchief) or paper.


Sharp and frequent strokes of the clasps about flintKnock out a sheaf of sparks so that they fall on the tinder. As soon as it starts to smolder, gently place there more fuel to make a small flame. After that, throw small twigs until you get a fire.


If you have a first aid kit at hand, open it andGet ammonia and iodine solution. Cut with a knife or just find a small groove in the tree and pour both substances into it. Wait for the alcohol to evaporate and chisel sparks. The resulting mixture immediately ignited. If you do not have a flint, just hold this substance for a long time under the sun's rays.


If you have cartridges, disassemble them andPour out the powder. Mix it with dry moss or other suitable materials. Carve a spark on the gunpowder, and it will ignite, filling up the combustible material. Throwing the branches in time, you will get a small fire.


You can also obtain fire without matches usingLens. The best is for this purpose a magnifying glass or glasses with positive diopters (i.e., magnifying ones). In their absence, the lens can be made from a bottle or condom filled with water. Collect the tinder in a heap and focus the sun's rays on it. Hold them in focus for a long time, and the tinder will slowly turn on.


You can get fire by rubbing. To do this, cut off the dry stick and find the wood under the base. Clear them from the bark, then slightly sharpen the stick, and in the beam, hollow out a small depression. Insert a stick into it, and trowel the edges of the hole. Start rubbing your palms, rotating the stick so that the wood is heated. After a while, the heat generated by the heat will begin to smolder. Fan the fire and put fuel.

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