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How to make fire without matches

How to make fire without matches

People stranded in the woods for a longthe time needed for the survival of a fire. Getting the fire using a lighter and matches did not present any particular difficulties, but without them in the forest problems.

However, there are many other ways to start a fire.

You will need

  • - ognivo-
  • - aptechka-
  • - Hunting patrony-
  • - knife-
  • - Magnifying glass
  • - Bottle.



To make fire without matches, the bestuse flint. Ideally suited for this mini-steel prefabrication, which includes all the necessary elements. In his absence, get the stone (preferably flint) and a metal plate (eg, knife). As a type of tinder dry moss, sawdust or gut fungus tinder. If the weather is wet, use dry clothes elements (such as a handkerchief) or paper.


Sudden and frequent blows kresalom of flintbeat out a shower of sparks, so that they fell on the tinder. As soon as he starts to smolder gently to enclose more fuel to take small flames. Then toss a small branch, until a small fire.


If you have a first aid kit on hand, open it andremove ammonia and iodine solution. Cut with a knife or just get a small hole in the tree and pour to both substances. Wait for the alcohol vapors and sparks. The resulting mixture is then ignited. Unless you have a flint, just hold this stuff for a long time in the sun.


If you have your cartridges, disassemble them andpour the gunpowder. Mix it with a dry moss or other suitable materials. Carve on the powder spark and ignite it, the heat of the combustible material. Tossing twigs time, you get a small fire.


Get a fire without matches as possible usinglens. It is best suited for that lens or glasses with positive diopters (ie increase). In their absence, the lens can be made from a bottle or a condom filled with water. Gather tinder in a pile and focus on it the sun's rays. Keep them out of focus for a long time, and slowly rubbed lights.


Get the fire can be friction. To do this, cut the dry stick and get to the base of Lesin. Clean them from the bark, then a little sharpen a stick, and a log Hollow slight indentation. Insert the stick back, and on the edges of the hole lay the tinder. Start rubbing his hands, turning a stick to wood heated. After some time, the heat generated from the tinder begins to smolder. Inflate the fire and enclose the fuel.

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