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HOW to make filament beads

How to make a filament beads

Beautiful and stylish jewelry can be purchased not only in the store.

Just show a little imagination and decoration, made with your own hands, you're done!

I present to you the filament beads.

You will need

  • - Sewing threads - 5 katushek-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - Cotton discs-
  • - Beads of different colors, shapes and razmerov-
  • - kusachki-
  • - kruglogubtsy-
  • - Needle tolstaya-
  • - Needle tonkaya-
  • - Pins for jewelry with a loop (pins).



You must first make blanks for futurefilament beads. To do this, a cotton pad along the divide into two parts, one of which drip PVA glue and then roll it out of her tight ball. On receipt of the item, apply a little glue and screw it into the second part of the cotton pad in the same way, that is, forming a ball. The number of such blanks depend on the desired length of ornament.


Next, the blank of the cotton discs need to wrapsewing thread. Do this for as long as through them will not cease to look through the surface of the beads. Once this happens, the same thread should establish details of decoration. For this Thread the needle, and then sew the workpiece through the upper layers of the winding, and certainly in different directions.


Now, in each of the filament must beadsMake a through hole thick needle. Thread the pin into the resulting hole with a loop. Excess pin region, which leaves the other hand beads to be cut, and its tip is bent so as to form a ring. Do the same with all the other details of the beads.


We can only collect the future decoration. Of the remaining pins need to create units of beads of different shapes and sizes to 8 centimeters in length, then combine all in a single chain. Thread beads ready!

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