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How to make a thread beads


How to make a thread beads</a>

Beautiful and stylish jewelry can be purchased not only in the store.

It's enough just to show a little imagination, and the decoration, made by own hands, is ready!

I present to your attention thread beads.

You will need

  • - sewing thread - 5 reels-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - wadded disks-
  • - beads of different colors, shapes and sizes-
  • - cutting pliers-
  • - round pliers-
  • - the needle is thick-
  • - the needle is thin-
  • - pins for jewelry with a loop (pins).



First you need to make blanks for futureBeaded beads. To do this, cut the cotton pad along in two parts, onto one of which drip the PVA glue, then roll a tight ball out of it. On the resulting part, apply a little more glue and wrap it in the second part of the wadded disk in exactly the same way, that is forming the ball. The number of such blanks depends on the desired length of the decoration.


Next, the blanks from the cotton discs need to be wrapped aroundSewing thread. Do this until the surface of the balls stops peering through them. As soon as this happens, the same thread should be fixed details of the decoration. To do this, thread the thread into the needle, then sew the workpiece through the top layers of the winding, always in different directions.


Now in each thread beads is necessaryMake a through hole with a thick needle. Insert the pin with the eyelet into the hole. The extra edge of the pin, which comes out from the other side of the bead, must be cut off, and its tip bent so that a ring is formed. Do the same with all the other parts of the beads.


It remains only to collect the future decoration. Of the remaining pins, you need to create links from beads of different shapes and sizes 8 centimeters in length, then connect all in a single chain. Threaded beads are ready!

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