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How to make electricity

How to make electricity

Electrical energy is produced in different ways, the main of which is currently the method of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy through a generator.

Finding a way to more easily and efficiently produce environmentally friendly electricity - the important task of mankind.



electromechanical generator operation is basedon the law of Faraday's magnetic induction, which states that the electromotive force in the circuit is equal to the rate of change of magnetic flux through the loop. That is, there is a power generator in each winding and a magnetic field source (a permanent magnet or field winding), moving relative to each other, they generate an electromotive force. The only question is how to bring the coil or the magnet in motion, and his decision to build the power plant, in which the mechanical energy generated by various methods that can give the movement of the generator shaft.


The first thermal power plant were stillthey produce about 67% of the world's electricity. Fuel mainly coal and natural gas burnt at these stations heats the feed water, which is converted into steam flowing into the high pressure steam turbine and its generating rotation of the rotor is transmitted to turn the electric generator shaft. Using CHP problematic from an environmental point of view. On hydropower into electricity is converted to energy of moving water. At GES produces about 17% of electricity. Promising nuclear power plants that are on the principle of action similar to the heat, but there is no fuel is burned, and the energy to produce steam comes from the decay of nuclear reactor. Unfortunately, the use of such plants can be very dangerous, confirmed that the accident at Chernobyl and the recent disaster in Japan's Fukushima. Scientists are struggling with the problem of a nuclear fusion reactor, a reactor that is not based on nuclear decay, and nuclear fusion. Such a reactor is many times safer and more efficient nuclear power and solve the problems of mankind.


Alternative power energy usedwind, thermal springs, tidal waves. There are ways to generate electricity without the use of mechanical energy. This, first of all, solar cells, in which the light flux is converted directly into electricity in semiconductors. Also developed chemical fuel cells, in which electricity is generated by chemical reactions.

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