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How to make eggs Kaleidoscope

How to make eggs Kaleidoscope

Try to make eggs Kaleidoscope Easter.

Their mean vernal surprised not only domestic, but also the guests.

Create these festive eggs can be just a couple of minutes with the minimum of effort.

You will need

  • -Simple eggs
  • -Kleykaya paper
  • -Special Food colorings



Wash the eggs, remove them with the extra dirt and fluff. Allow to dry. Before you start, the eggs can be painted in bright solid color or leave white.


Carefully cut the adhesive paper into thin strips (one strip about 4 mm). Separate the protective layer from the adhesive on the wrong side of the paper.


Carefully glue the strips in a chaotic manner to the egg.


With bright food coloring and brush, paint each empty space (the one that was formed after bonding strips) in bright colors. Allow the paint to dry.


Remove the paper strip from the surface of each egg. Your eggs Kaleidoscope ready!

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