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How to make an egg made of felt

How to make an egg made of felt

The main symbol of Easter - egg.

Before the holiday you can decorate your home with the help of felt eggs that will not spoil and can last you for years.

You will need

  • - Paper or paperboard
  • - scissors
  • - felt
  • - threads
  • - wool
  • - Multi-colored tape
  • - buttons



Cut out paper or cardboard egg - it will be the template.


Apply the resulting egg on a piece of felt and draw. Cut 2 eggs without allowances. They can be the same color or different, you decide.


Now start to decorate. Cut the slices of different bands and sew to the egg-based. You can also cut out of felt different color stripes, circles or other elements, and also sew the egg.


Sew 2 egg base. When sew more than half between the two halves put cotton wool. Finish stitching, inserting between the halves of the tape.


Now sew a button and you're done.

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