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How to make Easter wreaths

How to make Easter wreaths

Nest - a symbol of home and comfort. Such lovely wreaths in the form of nests are made very quickly and easily.

They can be decorated with a branch of the tree and attach it to the wall.

This cute decoration will appeal to both your family and guests.

You will need

  • - Thin twigs or vine
  • - Decorative elements (ribbons, flowers, sisal)
  • - glue
  • - Dry branch



Take the thinnest branches of the vine and twisting them into a wreath. To hold wreath shape vine can glue in some places.


Now we take a variety of decorative elements: sisal, artificial flowers, balls and glue them to the wreath with glue.


When the glue dries, you can tie a ribbon to the wreath.


Find the street dead branch and hang it on a few ready-made wreaths. Also, the branch can be decorated with artificial leaves and flowers.

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