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How to make a basket for Easter eggs of jeans

basket of eggs

Soon comes Easter and Light wants unusually decorate your holiday table. That this original basket of Easter eggs can be made from old jeans.

Easily and at no cost!

You will need

  • - Old jeans
  • - glue
  • - scissors



First you need to prepare the strip. To do this, take a sharp pair of scissors and cut as close to the seams. The strips have to do it from the connection points jeans details. The number of strips depends on the desired size of the basket.


Now, we take one strip, lubricate the glue tip and begin to tightly wound into a circle. This will be the bottom of the basket.


When the bar is over, we take another, glue it to the resulting circle and wound on, until you have a circle of the desired size. Excess glue and cut the tip.


Now make circles for the basket walls. Curl up in the same way the strip, but leave a small hole in the middle. We are doing more of the same circles. Their number depends on the size of the bottom of the basket and on the size of the circles themselves.


Finished cups firmly glue along the edge of the bottom of the basket.


Now you need to cut strips of denim fabric, the same as the side turned circles. We pull on the edges of their skin, to get a small fringe.


Strips with fringes threaded through the holes of two adjacent circles and glue the inside. Excess cut off. We do the same with the others.


We put colored eggs in the basket, and put between them a thread left over from the fringe. Easter basket ready!

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