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How to make Easter card with kids

How to make Easter card with kids

Many say the sun Easter holiday. On this day in some families to exchange gifts.

It is not necessary to spend huge amounts of money to surprise a loved one.

It is possible to together with your child to create an original Easter card.

You will need

  • -guashevye paint
  • -albomny sheet
  • -kistochka
  • -potatoes
  • -nozh for cutting vegetables
  • -stationery knife



Murphy, wash, remove dirt. Carefully, using a knife, cut it in half.


Stationery knife on potato create different patterns. This may be geometric shapes, curved lines or circles simply.


Dip the potato in gushevuyu paint and leave imprint on the landscape leaf or colored paper. Do not remove the potatoes quickly, it is necessary that the track was crisp.


Repeat step 3 with the other colors. You can use one or more of potato with different patterns. With brush Doris the missing items and decorate any work materials (sequins, wool, buttons). Use imagination to card turned cheerful.

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