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How to make Easter bunny earrings

How to make Easter bunny earrings

Lovely earrings with rabbits will give tenderness and modern young lady.

You will need

  • - Plastic Fimo "(blue, white, green, pink and black)
  • - skalpel-
  • - zubochistka-
  • - ware-



Roll of white plastic oval as an egg, two eye in the form of petals with one blunt end (for ease of gluing) and small ball-tail.


Glue the ears and the tail of a rabbit body.


Fabricate two small black ball (eyes) and one small oval pink (nose). Attach the bunny muzzle with glue eyes and nose.
Form a small bow of the small stripes and two triangles.
Glue bow to rabbit eyelet.


Make flowers, roll small balls of blue and pink.
Make a pot: roll of green plastic thin plait and cut it into stripes by highlighting the edge with one hand.


Decorate rabbits. Paste grass and flowers from the bottom on the tummy.
Should bake for 10 minutes at a temperature of 110 ° C.

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