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How to make earrings from the chain

How to make earrings from the chain

Now you can make your own hands earrings for every taste and color to complement your unique style, emphasizing elegance and sophistication.

Fittings for them is sold in its entirety in the stores and only remains to choose what you need and what color.

You will need

  • - A long chain
  • - line
  • - shvenzy
  • - pins
  • - limit switches
  • - Connecting ring
  • - Round
  • - Side Cutter



Divide the chain with the help of side cutters to equal 10 parts, depending how thick your chain. The length depends on how long you want earrings.


Bent away from the pin ring and put on a connecting ring, on which are strung the edge pieces of the chain. To do so with all the trimmings, allocated to a single earring. Fix the two rings.


Vdevaem trailer on the pin. Its use, in order to close the connection. Just do the second earring.


Bends Round pin and put on on the fastener.

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