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How to make dumplings for hats

How to make dumplings for hats

Donuts or pompom hats for often used as decoration. It can be either on top of the cap and at the ends of the ears - a variant hats with earflaps.

Pompon - a decoration of the thread spherical shape. bulky yarns can be used to make fuzzy pampushek.

For hard linen pompons, crochet, you need to tightly fill any suitable material (eg, cotton).

You will need

  • Thick cardboard, thread color of your hat, a pair of scissors, a needle with a large eye



Make dumplings for hats is not difficult. On cardboard, draw a circle with a compass, the outer diameter of which is equal to 6 cm. Draw a circle with a diameter of 2 cm circle in the center of the resulting.


Cut both of the circle obtained. Make a second, exactly the same the pattern and fold the two templates with each other.


Take a string about two meters in length andstart making beaming. Wrapped in a circle your cardboard ring, passing thread through the inner circle. After three turns attach strings tail coiled beneath a circle and then continue coiling thread. Winding must be free, but not weak.


Cover the surface of your template rows. Second row superimposed on the first. And all subsequent rows stacked on the previous ones. Then pompom will be round and smooth.


Hide the thread ending at the turns and take another. Tails thread fasten under the turns. Do beaming up until the opening of the inner circle will not be quite narrow.


Thread the needle and continue wound. When the needle is held with great difficulty, complete this phase of the work. The end of the filament coils under secure.


Spread gently coils in one place. Find a cardboard circles under the turns of thread. Between them, cut the yarn in a circle. Cutting Carefully, strictly between cardboard patterns.


Pull the prepared strand between the cardboard circles, wrap the beam three times and tie a strong knot.


Now remove the cardboard template and trim the thread with scissors rough, giving a rounded shape pompoms.

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